The exam covers chapters 16-18 text and online notes, and online notes on Eolian, Deserts, and Theological Issues

The exam will be 70 minutes and include up to 100 multiple choice questions.

You may not be able to answer them all in the allotted time.  That’s OK.  I will scale up the grades as necessary.

The Exam is NOT open book.

ANY cheating, use of notes, text, or communication during the exam will result in a “0” on the exam and an “F” in the course.  The exam will be monitored by Proctorio (see below).

For example, I might ask:

The subject of this course is …

a. neo-orthodoxy in the ancient eastern church,

b. geomorphology,

c. premillenial dispensationalism,

d. gender relations in modern romance languages.

Hopefully you’ll pick “b”!

I will NOT ask you anything that is only in the text, but not in your notes!

A few things you should definitely review (not an exhaustive list!):

  • coastal landforms (tombolos etc)
  • glacial landforms (various moraines, cirques, etc)
  • soils – the sand/silt/clay triangle (know how to use it – I’ll give it to you though)
  • coral reefs
  • periglacial (arctic) landforms (pingos etc)
  • tides – what causes them/high and low tide
  • soil orders – know basic info about them
  • groundwater (artesian wells etc)
  • wave motion and beach sorting
  • eolian erosion – how wind sculpts landscape
  • desert landscapes – how sand dunes form
  • soil profiles – how they work
  • major themes in the Theological Issues notes

The exam is NOT open book.

The exam will be monitored by PROCTORIO – all activity will be recorded and reviewed. Any academic dishonesty will result in a 0 and an “F’ in the course. I will be checking. No appeals.

Remember you are studying in Catholic learning environment and are expected to behave by standards of Christian morality and ethics.


  • You must take a Proctorio exam on a desktop or full laptop computer (tablets or smartphones are not allowed) which has a working web camera and microphone.
  • You must use CHROME and download the Proctorio Chrome extension. Download it now.
  • You must also complete the exam in a private location with a good Internet connection.
  • Make arrangements NOW. No webcam/microphone, NO GRADE.
  • Please watch the Proctorio student Guide video as this will give you an idea of what to you will experience while being proctored online. If you experience any technical issues please use the Proctorio support site.
  • You will need to present your student ID or driver’s license . Smile for a picture, then take your exam!
  • I have posted a TEST QUIZ on Canvas.  Please try it before Friday.

You should have received an email with this information or it is on ARC for STUDENTS:

Be Laptop/Desktop Ready for Proctorio
What You Need to Be Ready for Final Exams   Hello Students, As instructors use and require Proctorio exam monitoring for your final exams, here is a comprehensive guide + checklist that will help you make sure you are ready for them.


  • Proctorio is a remote proctoring service that is used with some classes when you take quizzes and exams in Blackboard.
  • Proctorio may record your webcam, your screen, or other actions during the exam session and share that information with your instructor.


  • A regular computer (Windows/Mac computer or laptop)
  • A working webcam and microphone (internal or USB)
  • A reliable (high-speed) internet connection
  • Your student/government photo ID
  • The Google Chrome browser
  • The Proctorio Google Chrome extension
  • A quiet private location with a reliable internet connection.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure these requirements are met. 

  • I have posted a TEST QUIZ on Canvas.  Please try it well before the real exam.


  • You need to use a regular computer (Windows/Mac computer or laptop). You cannot take the exams from mobile devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc). You need a working webcam and microphone (depending on the options your instructor has selected).
  • You must use the Google Chrome web browser and the Proctorio Extension.
  • You need to install the Proctorio extension for Google Chrome. Installation takes less than 30 seconds. The exam that requires Proctorio will usually prompt you to install the extension if you need it.
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Using Proctorio is fairly simple. Proctorio walks you through the process as you’re taking the exam, so you do not need to refer to any instructions while you’re using Proctorio.


  • Proctorio will record the students’ identity via webcam and, depending upon the exam settings controlled by individual instructors, monitor your exam attempt in various ways. A multitude of privacy provisions have been established to ensure student privacy and FERPA compliance.
    • During the exam Proctorio may do the following:
      • Take screenshots of your desktop
      • Detect the number of computer monitors connected to your computer
      • Record your room via your webcam
      • Record your web traffic
    • This information will only be recorded if the professor has enabled it within the exam settings.
    • The information is stored with zero-knowledge encryption, which means the data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.
    • Once an exam is completed, Proctorio no longer has access to this information.
      • It is impossible for anyone at Proctorio or any of its affiliates to view exam recordings.
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