If you did not get this announcement, please check the email address you have on the Canvas site July 12, 2021 Hi, Welcome to Introduction to Physical Geography: Weather and Climate! This will be an awesome course as we learn about the world around us.  In a Christian intellectual environment, this is an opportunity to explore God’s creation in greater depth! This is a distance education course.  This creates some exciting possibilities for you – you get to study at your time and place, and explore issues that interest you in greater depth.  You will also experience some challenges – you don’t get to see me, your instructor!  But yes, I do exist!  And I will do all I can to make this a positive, creative learning experience for you. This is also an intensive course. It will go quickly! You are going twice as fast as a regular course (doing a 13 week course in 7 weeks). I have taught this course, distance education, for several years.  Most students really enjoy this style of learning (although it may take a bit of getting used to). Some things you need to do right away (TODAY!!!):
  1. Find the course website https://rossway.net/ccc103-intensive/ 
  2. Sign into Canvas (Contact the College IT people for help) www.canvas.ubc.ca
  3. Read the Syllabus carefully – make sure you have a printed copy to refer to.
  4. Read the Calendar carefully – post a printed copy on your bulletin board where you can’t miss it!
  5. Read online notes 1a and 1b (on https://rossway.net/ccc103-intensive/) and the text Chapter 1.  The textbook is only available online.  The syllabus and Canvas (“Pearson Text Registration” link) have all the details.
  6. Lab 1 is due Tuesday, July 20.  This is a Quiz on Canvas.  You can take as much time as you like; it is open book; but you do have to do it all in one sitting.  Allow about 2-3 hours for it.
  7. Make a contribution to the online discussion forum on Canvas www.canvas.ubc.ca by Saturday midnight. This is a great way to get to know your classmates.
  8. Record your reading on Canvas by Sunday midnight.
If you have any questions, get in touch with me right away!  Email works best … bmartin@corpuschristi.ca. My background is as a geographer and pastor (cleric-scientists are a fine Roman Catholic tradition!). I have taught geography and pastored for many years (currently I am pastor in Lethbridge, AB, so unfortunately, I am not actually on campus – but I DO exist!).  I am a member of the Canadian Association of Geographers (the academic and professional association for geographers in Canada), the Canadian Scientific Christian Affiliation (a network of Christians in the sciences – student members are welcome!).  For continuing education I recently was a Visiting Scholar at Cambridge University, U.K. (the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St. Edmund’s College). I have lived in BC, Nova Scotia, and Alberta … my wife, Marianne, is from Rossway, N.S. (hence the website name).   You can find out more about me on the website, click on the “Who is Bruce?” link. I am really excited to be able to help you discover the wonders of God’s creation!  We will have a stimulating, exciting course together!  Welcome! Bruce Martin, Ph.D Adjunct Professor, Geography