Geography 103 – Introduction to Physical Geography: Landforms and Soils

Winter 2019

Dr. Bruce Martin
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 Welcome to Geography 103.  This week, please

  • Read Eolian online notes
  • Labs 4 and 5 are at the Welcome Centre.  Lab 6 will be there by the end of this week
  • If you are doing a final project rather than the final exam, the completed project is due April 4 (email it)
  • The Final Exam is Thursday, April 11, 5:00-8:00 pm, Room 308.  I have no authority to make alternative arrangements.  A study guide is here.
  • Make a contribution to the discussion forum on Canvas by Saturday midnight.  These are easy marks; please take advantage of them.
  • There is a weekly announcement here (I do a weekly announcement on Canvas Monday mornings so check the email address registered to receive Canvas announcements)

Questions?  Please email me!

Bruce Martin, Ph.D.

Instructor in Geography, Corpus Christi College

Syllabus    Calendar    Labs

1a Introduction     1b Describing Earth      12a Earth Structure      12b Rock Cycle     

13 Tectonics   14 Weathering     15a Groundwater     15b Streams 

Theological Issues     16 Coastal      

17a Glaciers      17b Periglacial      18 Soils    Eolian     Deserts

A Selected Bibliography that may help you with your research is located here