December 7

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The Lord changes rivers into deserts, and springs of water into dry, thirsty land.
He turns the fruitful land into salty wastelands,
    because of the wickedness of those who live there.
But he also turns deserts into pools of water, the dry land into springs of water.
He brings the hungry to settle there and to build their cities.
Psalm 107:33-36


This week we conclude looking at deserts and arid landscapes.  In Canada our only hot desert is in the South Okanagan around Osoyoos, BC.  However globally, vast areas of the southern United States, North Africa and the Middle East, South America, South Asia, and Australia (particularly around the Tropics of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn (if you take Geography 1023 you will learn why).

This week, please

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  • If are doing a Final Exam, it is scheduled by the Registrar, Saturday, December 12, 1:30 p.m. in the Gym.  A study guide is here

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Dr. Bruce Martin

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