April 18


This week we’re moving on to look at soils – one of the chief products of weathering and erosion by water, ice, and other processes. Soils are also critically important to all natural systems. They are essential for plant growth that in turn supports animal (and human) systems.

We’re also looking at deserts!  I know that’s not at the top of most Vancouverites’ list of favourite topics, but globally deserts cover vast areas of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, South and North America (think Arizona, Nevada, etc.).  One of the consequences of climate change is that deserts are expanding – rapidly.  This has huge social, economic, and political implications, particularly in regions around the Sahara Desert in North Africa.

This week, please:

  • Read Chapter 18 (text) and online notes 18, and Deserts
  • Lab 5 is due Tuesday, April 19.  This is a Quiz on Canvas.  You can take as much time as you like; it is open book; but you do have to do it all in one sitting.  Allow about 2-3 hours for it.
  • Make one good contribution to the online discussion forum on Canvas www.canvas.ubc.ca by Saturday midnight.  This is really interesting to see what your classmates are thinking and these are relatively “easy” marks.  Take advantage of them.
  • Record your reading on Canvas by Sunday midnight.
  • Your Final Exam will be in the week of April 25-29, scheduled by the registrar (possibly Thursday, April 28, but this is still to be confirmed). A study guide is here.

If you have any questions, get in touch with me right away!  Email works best … bmartin@corpuschristi.ca.

Bruce Martin, Ph.D

Adjunct Professor, Geography