Labs for Geography 1023

They are in .PDF format, so you will need a compatible reader.

The due dates for all labs are on the labs, and in the calendar.

  • Print off the lab and fill it in on paper (it’s easier for you to do on paper, easier for me to mark, and easier for you to study from!).
  • Print it off.
  • Complete it.
  • And then scan/photo it and send it as ONE PDF document through Canvas.  Please do send it as ONE document.  With the pages in ORDER, please.
  • Late labs will not be accepted.

You are encouraged to work on your labs in partners or in groups.  Often it is helpful to interact with other students — great!  However you must hand in your own lab!  (Remember, your partner[s] may not be correct, anyway!). 

Lab 1     Lab 2     Lab 3     Lab 4     Lab 5     Lab 6

These labs are all copyright © by Bruce Martin. They are the intellectual property of the author, Bruce Martin. The labs may be printed and used only by students registered in Geography 1023 at Crandall University.  Any other use of the labs is a criminal offense.