My slightly odd life – as a pastor, geography professor, educator, and artist – is a reflection of my slightly odd education and interests.  At the graduate level, I studied geography at the University of British Columbia, theology at Acadia Divinity College (Acadia University), and education at the University of Alberta.  Education, theology, and geography may seem like a curious combination, but they actually come together brilliantly in my own (rather warped) mind:  I love integrating natural sciences, theology, pastoral theology, and Christian education into opportunities to explore and appreciate God and His creation, and to be involved in His mission to restore His relationship with people, between people, and between people and His creation.

I also really enjoy the positive dialogue that can (and, I believe, should) be cultivated between science and faith.  This is God’s world.  My Christian faith is rooted in God’s Word.  The two complement one another perfectly.  I have studied at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge, UK, and was a Visiting Scholar at St. Edmund’s College from May- July 2016.

Graduate Teaching

I teach graduate level Pastoral Theology courses at Carey Theological College (Vancouver, BC).  I have also taught at  Tyndale Seminary (Toronto, ON) and Acadia Divinity College (Wolfville, NS).  And I have supervised a graduate thesis at Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC).

Undergraduate Teaching

At the undergraduate level, I am creator of and professor for

Research Interests

My research focuses on how churches can create a nurturing environment and supportive community for those interested in, studying, or working in the sciences.  I am looking at what are some best practices for how can churches encourage, support, value, and be enriched by scientists.  I am thankful for sabbatical time from my congregation and a Pastoral Study Project Grant from the Louisville Institute to support my research.

  • I continue to be interested and read widely in the positive relationship that can exist between my Christian faith and the sciences:
  • I am particularly interested in action research as a practical research methodology to help pastors improve their pastoral practice:
  • I want to help churches and pastors be more effective in mission and ministry, more generally:
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