Project Ideas

Here are some ideas that people have done in the past (in parentheses are the media they used — where several are listed, I have had several projects done completely differently by different people).  Some of these were wonderful … some not so wonderful!  Your topic should fit the topics covered in this course.  Please, feel free to be original and creative!

Think in terms of 8-12 double-spaced pages (for a paper) or equivalent amount of work/research if you are doing an alternative type of project.

In no particular order:

  • Tornadic Activity in Canada:  Increasing frequency in the present and the future (paper)
  • Why Christians should care for the environment (paper)
  • Journal of a person who survived Hurricane Katrina (paper)
  • The Impact of Global Warming (Paper)
  • The environmentally friendly church (paper)
  • Insolation and albedo (PowerPoint)
  • Mysterious mammatus (a type of cloud) (PowerPoint)
  • Grade 4-6 lesson plan on the sun (paper)
  • A Grade 5 classroom unit on clouds (teacher’s guide + student worksheets + sample classroom ‘decorations’)
  • “Cold!  A study of windchill and its effects” (paper)
  • Original paintings and a paper on the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights)
  • Going Green in the Church (Paper)
  • An ecosystem tour across Australia (diary of an early explorer, complete with coffee stains and snake bites … one of the best)
  • Global warming and weather changes in the Canadian Prairies (or wherever else) (Paper)
  • Victoria BC’s changing climate (PowerPoint)
  • Monsoons (PowerPoint)
  • Violent weather “Jeopardy” (PowerPoint)
  • Aurora Borealis (PowerPoint)
  • Cold & Warm fronts:  a lesson plan for junior high students
  • “Mike the Weather Man Teaches Kids About Global Warming” (kids book)
  • Hurricane Juan (PowerPoint; paper; diary of a “survivor”)
  • Weather forecasting:  how does the Weather Channel do it?  (Paper)
  • Soil management on our farm;  what we do to conserve soil and soil fertility (PowerPoint + Paper)
  • The One Tonne Challenge (Reducing your greenhouse gas emissions) — the Board Game (a board game + explanatory notes)
  • Tornadoes in general:  what they are; how they form; what they do (Paper; PowerPoint; Lesson plan)
  • Hurricanes in general:  what they are; how they form; what they do (Paper; PowerPoint)
  • Global warming and rising sea levels (PowerPoint; Paper + original song)
  • What Would Jesus Throw Out?  Thinking About Christian Environmental Ethics (Paper)
  • Edmonton Tornado of 1988 (PowerPoint)
  • Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans (PowerPoint; paper)
  • A Review of the ‘Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation’ (Paper)
  • Factors that Effect Sarnia’s Weather (Poster + notes)
  • The Kyoto Accord:  why Canada should (or should not) support it (Paper)
  • Meltdown:  shrinking permafrost in the Arctic (PowerPoint)